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You're working hard so that when it's time for the next chapter in life, Retirement, you can have the freedom to spend your days as you wish.  Of course, you must consider all the details such as how you will support yourself, and your loved ones, once you leave the workplace – and your paycheck -behind. At The Thompson Investment Group, we can help you address your retirement needs and develop a personal safety net to assist in the transition from work into retirement.

Making the transition from work to retirement will be one of your major life changes. It can be a confusing and emotional time filled with new possibilities and important decisions. But you won't have to go through it alone. We can help you build a strategy for the future that can protect against uncertainties as well as provide the confidence needed to take advantage of all of life's opportunities.

Retirement planning is an ongoing journey. Your personal retirement safety net requires regular adjustments to help ensure that you continue to meet your retirement goals while you enjoy the freedom and opportunities retirement brings. The Thompson Investment Group is committed to staying by your side throughout each step of the retirement process. 


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